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Global distribution through a variety of:

  • Channels: B2C, B2B, B2B2C

  • Methods: Online & Offline: email, SEO , Paid Media (SEM, Social, Retargeting), PR & Conferences

  • Models: CPC, CPM, CPR, CPL, CPA, CPD, CPI/PPI, Rev Share & Hybrid  

  • Tech: unique compliant, smart phone targeting (GEO location & frequency) & conversion uplift



  • Connecting lucrative early stage investment opportunities (till round A inclusive) with capital: Angels, High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, VC & Corporate.

  • Raised $5M+ for early stage SaaS startups, in various verticals: 

Ad Tech



Medical tourism



Ed Tech








100+ Million

Downloads & Revenues


Countries & Territories






4 Investments in 4 verticals


2 Startup Competition Wins, for 2 startups, in 2 verticals




Early 2011, Guy Klajman, left babylon (TASE – “BBYL”) where he served as VP Business Development, to found eMonetization Ltd.

The logic was simple.

In babylon, Guy was responsible for creating new business opportunities & partnerships, all online advertisement (e.g.,: search & non-search, toolbar, website ads), content & product enhancement partnerships, global distribution deals, new, alternative revenue streams.

In his role, Guy lead the transition of babylon from a leading translation software (SW) company, to a leading online search & ad tech, online arbitrage company, after achieving record breaking search & advertising revenues ($16.9M) & growth (135% YoY, 41% above target), accounting for the majority (53%) of all revenues (up from 24% previous year), with a 11% higher user value YoY– more details in his LinkedIn profile & in babylon's financial reports.


So why do it for a single company, if it could be done for numerous SW companies?

​After all, in babylon Guy was responsible for all revenues coming outside the main product e.g.,: all revenues from advertising, search & 3rd party distribution, revenues that any SW app or service can benefit from.


After all, babylon, was no different than any other online SW company, which regardless of their vertical, or main product (B2C & B2B  translation SW), all look to:

  • optimize their online monetization, raise user value by:

    • ​optimizing existing monetization streams

    • introducing new ones: utilizing latest ad tech technologies & solutions, conversion optimization, search monetization & 3rd party SW distribution.

  • Globally distribute: mainly online via SEO, paid media e.g.,: SEM, Social, affiliates, PR, utilizing the latest targeting capabilities, B2C, B2B & B2B2C.

eMonetization Ltd., was born, to address the above (globally distribute & improve the revenues per user) & more:

  • Raise capital, an ongoing task for any early stage startup which has not yet broke even & thus has no choice but to rely on external funding, to last & grow.

  • Optimize operational costs by outsourcing: SEO, Online Media Buy, Product, Design, Dev., AI, BI & Analytics.

Guy Klajman

Founder & General Manager (GM)

Based in Tel-Aviv

16+ years in key sales, biz dev & marketing positions in hi-tech, hunting & harvesting for successful start-ups to public companies, managing global businesses in diverse industries (Fintech, Semiconductor, Gaming, Ad & Ed Tech, eHealth / Medical Tourism / Marketplaces & Blockchain / Crypto) online & offline, SW & HW, B2B, B2C & B2B2C, generating $125M, triple digit percentage growth, & P&L management.

Guy’s LinkedIn Profile includes Guy’s detailed track record in various industries, acquired in over 16 years, including winning startup competitions pitches, participation in industry events, expert panels, interviews to the press, references, recommendations & more.

Nicole Slavitt Ophir


Based in Connecticut, US

Team leader with 20 years of experience designing & executing business plans & product roadmaps that include defined financial milestones.

Expertise in digital product development, audience growth through increased engagement & cross-functional lead creation. Managed across functional disciplines including engineering, editorial, product, sales, advertising & marketing, always with focus on operational execution as measured by KPI's like EBITDA growth.

Instrumental in growing the digital business - revenue & user engagement - with category leaders such as Yahoo Finance (where she served as GM for ~6 years), Hearst, Jim Cramer, Sprint & Senator Bill Bradley. Nicole's LinkedIn Profile.


30+ global SaaS companies & service providers, tech platforms & global marketplaces. Various:​

  • Verticals: Ad & Ed Tech, eHealth, medical tourism, global marketplaces, fintech, blockchain, crypto payments.

  • Traffic sources: global download sites, app stores, gaming operators, SW developers, publishers & corporate.

  • Monetization technologies & leading service providers. 

  • Capital sources: from private, angel investors, high net worth individuals & corporate, looking for relevant investment & partnership opportunities

  • Countries: 30+ eMonetization partners, located in North America (US), EMEA (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Poland & Israel), serve the global market, covering 220+ countries & territories.



VP Online Media Buying, babylon (2010-2014)

Vertical: Ad Tech

Services: Global Distribution & Monetization Optimization.

I was privileged to work very closely with Guy & eMonetization, over the past decade & it has been a pleasure, personally & professionally & look forward to continue doing so!

We started out as colleagues, working closely together in babylon, as part of senior management, Guy was VP Biz Dev, responsible for all online monetization & I, VP Online Media Buying, responsible to use it, to help us grow globally, continued as my client/partner, babylon being eMonetization's 1st client & also their largest till babylon's fall, end of 2014, after which I joined Guy to help co-manage eMonetization till 2018. 

During our time together, babylon grew from 60K daily downloads to 1.8 million daily downloads, thanks to Guy & eMonetization's help, who were directly responsible for:

some of babylon's largest monetization partners e.g. all major global search giants: Google, IAC, bing/yahoo!, AOL

as well as major distribution partners e.g.,: Softonic, Be Great Internet Group, icsw group, Vittalia Internet group, bibado & more, delivering over 100 million global downloads

Transforming babylon, from an online translation SW company, to a leading online ad tech arbitrage engine, which reflected on the stock price, reaching over 2 Billion NIS market cap.

Co-Founder & CEO, iRobinHood (2010-2015)

Verticals: Ad Tech & Impact Investing

Services: Global Distribution, Online Monetization Optimization & Raising Capital.

Gigi Levy, one of iRobinHood's early investors & the previous CEO of 888, recommended & introduced me to Guy & eMonetization back in 2011, to help us globally distribute & optimize our online monetization which he successfully did, helping us grow to 15 million daily active users, though major distribution channels which he onboarded e.g.,: Softonic, babylon, Perion, Revizer, Sien, Amonetize, Linkury, Softpublisher, Vitallia Internet Group, Montiera, Smart Install, in addition to helping raise our user value through online monetization optimization. 

With the amazing work of Guy, our pipeline grew dramatically & thus needed additional capital in order to execute it & Guy / eMonetzation, were there once again, to help us raise the capital we needed, from amazing angel investors & High Net Worth Individuals.

CEO, allmyapps (2008-2014) - PC Windows App Store

Verticals: Ad Tech & Marketplace

Services: Online Monetization Optimization & M&A

Guy & eMonetization, began by successfully helping allmyapps optimize online monetization from 2013 till end of 2014, through ironSource, another eMonetization client, utilizing his great relationship with them, to offer us the best commercial terms, significantly higher than what we were offered when we originally tried working with them directly which ended with acquisition of allmyapps by ironSource 2 years later, once again, thanks to Guy & eMonetization's great work on the deal & for making it happen.

VP R&D for SweetIM (2012-2013) & Zoomd (2013-2015)  & CTOARCHIMEDICX (2015-2017) 

Verticals: Ad Tech (SweetIM & Zoomd), eHealth, Medical Tourism, Marketplace & Impact Investing (ARCHIMEDICX).

Services: Global Distribution, Monetization Optimization & Raising Capital. 

I worked closely with Guy & eMonetization in SweetIM & in Zoomd, helping us globally distribute our SW & services, who during a short time, built an amazing pipeline of over 40 engagements with the leading online search & ad tech companies & helped us raise capital. 

In 2015 Guy recruited me to ARCHIMEDICX, where he served has Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, during which we worked closely together, where Guy lead all commercial aspects (Sales, Marketing, Biz Dev) of the company, in addition to directly raising over $2.35 Million dollars, while I lead the technology.



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צפו: טדי שגיא משקיע מיליונים בסטארט-אפים בעשר דקות


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